New CSR and Tourism research

There are some new research publications now available from the Conference Board of Canada in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility and Tourism.

Access, view, and download these reports (just search the title) and others from the Conference Board of Canada’s e-Library, accessible through Okanagan College Library.

What Board Members Should Know About Communicating CSR

This report discusses what to communicate (i.e., message content) and where (i.e., message channel), as well as the major factors (internal and external to the organization) that affect the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility communication.

Travel Exclusive: Key Trends for the Travel Industry March-April 2011

Soaring oil prices will likely raise the cost of travel, and they may play a big role in future demand should they continue to climb.

Canada’s Accommodation Industry: Winter 2011
Tourism Demand: Foreign and domestic tourism demand have improved in the last year, despite the hike in the value of the Canadian dollar. Foreign demand, however, remains well below where it was a decade ago.

– Report summaries provided by the Conference Board of Canada


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