Researching government policy

The impact of government policy on employers and employees is a common area of interest and OC Library has numerous resources that support this research, including government and public policy documents, books, journals, and more.

For example, there’s lots of talk in the news about the Canadian government’s plans for pension reform, including the introduction of Pooled Retirement Pension Plans. A PRPP is  “a pension scheme aimed at self-employed Canadians and especially at those at smaller workplaces where no company pension plan is in place” (CBC, 2011)

A simple search using keywords pension AND Canada AND ( reform OR change ) in the Library search engine, OCtopus, reveal numerous books and documentspeer-reviewed journal articles, and more that address the research area of pension reform in Canada.

I could even add additional databases such as AB/Inform, CBCA, and Canadian Newstand to my search in OCtopus, sort my results by date and look at the most current newspaper and magazine articles that discuss pensions reform in Canada. In OCtopus, use the “Add Aditional Databases” panel on the right side of the results page to include results from additional sources.

Questions? Just ask! Contact BUAD Liaison Librarian, Leanna Jantzi.


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