Assignment help!

It is almost Halloween, which means it is almost November, which means that the end of term is looming scarily around the corner…. *screams!*

You might (should!) be starting to think about end of term assignments; the big ones! Fear not, many resources are available at the library and out in the world to help you through what might become a nightmare if you are not prepared… use these tools to battle the problems you come across…

Start with an assignment calculator… many versions exist, and will help you determine how to time the various things you need to do to finish on time– research, planning, writing and citing. Check one of the below to start a timeline:

UBC’s Assignment Calculator

SFU’s Assignment Calculator

Next step: use the library research guides to help you find resources. We have a guide on research, writing and citing if you need help formulating a topic, evaluating sources, understanding plagiarism, and writing (for example how to paraphrase effectively).

Check out the Business library guides (check to see if there’s a guide for your class!); Company Research; Industry Research; Consumer Research; and if you are looking for statistics, the Data & Statistics guide.

Finally, if you need help with citing, check out the library’s APA style guide.

BIG TIP: start tracking your citations early! There is little worse (in the academic world, anyway…) than thinking you have finished an assignment, only to realize you still have to add in all of your citations. Or worse, track them all down again. Keep some sort of record of all the sources you have read and used so that you do not need to go on a hunt for them later.

And remember you can always get help at the library!

Good luck!


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