Advertising Rates

If you are working on a business plan or media plan, one thing you might be looking for is advertising rates. Rather than looking for individual rates for various media outlets, try Canadian Advertising Rates & Data (CARD)– the library subscribes to this resource which provides in-depth media listings, rates and circulation information all in one place!

Access CARD here. You can search for individual media outlets or a specific city in the search box, or start by clicking on the type of media outlet you are looking for to access a list of magazines, for example, that are published in Canada, and then use the limits on the left side of the page to refine your search. Not every media outlet has rate information in CARD, however many do. You can find advertising information for local and national newspapers, radio and TV stations, as well as other types of media such as transit and billboard advertising.

Another great source for advertising is the Media Digest, which is published by the Canadian Media Directors Council. The Media Digest provides information about Canada’s media marketplace, so it is a great tool to use in conjunction with CARD. Find out demographic information about Canadians and media, such as who is watching TV when, what media sources Canadians are using to watch videos online, what types of media are growing or stagnant, what percentage of Canadians read a newspaper every day, and also information on media regulations and Canadian media ownership.

The library’s Entrepreneurship guide has links to these sources as well as The Media Handbook, a book which breaks down the media planning process, if you are interested in learning more about media planning.

Good luck!


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