Be inspired

An article in this week’s leadership lab column in the Globe and Mail talks about how inspiration is imperative for developing new ideas, and how important it is to take the time to be inspired. The author talks about meeting new people and putting yourself in different situations to seek out inspiration, both great ideas.

Another way to be inspired is to pick up a book on a new topic… maybe learn something new about a start-up company that hit it big and changed the world as we knew it, or how the brain responds to colours and other stimuli, or pick up some inspiring hints from someone who has amazing presentation skills to share.

Here are some new titles in the library for inspiration…

Books about a few people who have had a huge impact on the way we communicate and buy:

Hatching Twitter : a true story of money, power, friendship, and betrayal / Nick Bilton TwitterBook

The everything store : Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon / Brad Stone

Readings abouAmazonBookt how to harness social media for your benefit:

Jab, jab, jab, right hook : how to tell your story in a noisy, social world / Gary Vaynerchuk

Mobile marketing : how mobile technology is revolutionizing marketing, communications, and advertising / Daniel Rowles

Neuromarketing in action : how to talk and sell to the brain / Patrick M. Georges

And a few more to help you get your ideas across:

Winning strategies for power presentations : Jerry Weissman delivers lessons from the world’s best preseTedBooknters

How to deliver a TED talk : secrets of the world’s most inspiring presentations / Jeremey Donovan

You can search for new books in the library using the “new books” tab in the catalogue, or browsing the display shelves in the library.

Happy reading 🙂


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