In the news

There are so many ways to keep up-to-date on current business events– and keeping current (even if it means just reading some headlines everyday and bookmarking articles to look at later, or skimming through tweets) is vital for many reasons. For business decisions, strategy, information on your competition, job opportunities, investments– knowing trends, events, strengths and weaknesses can help you in long run. It may also help with your conversational skills to have a few good news stories in your back pocket!

To keep current you can of course use social media– Facebook and Twitter are both valuable for following companies and news sources– check out lists like this to find the top business and leadership twitter accounts to follow. I’d recommend following major business news sources such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and Business Insider.

Get email notifications from major publications too– that way you can wake up to a list of hot topics in your inbox every morning from sources like the Financial Times. Many of the big newspapers are now behind pay walls, however they often allow a certain amount of free articles a month (some only if you register).

Look for local sources to round out your reading– see what local news and businesses are using social media to keep up with regional information. Cities, newspapers, local politicians and reporters, are great ways to keep in the loop.

Some of the interesting articles I came across this week:

Tech industry news: The now infamous Microsoft layoffs and memo.

Entrepreneurship: A new co-working space: Beta Collective

Marketing: “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables”— how to improve business, reduce waste, and get consumers to eat their vegetables

Wine Industry: “Wine social media pays off”— wine marketing ROI

What ways do you keep up-to-date on business news?

Happy reading 🙂




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