Citation tips

End of term papers are due, and that means lots of citation questions at library!

Here are a few places you can find help if you don’t have time to come in to ask a question.

The Library’s APA style page has a PDF with examples of in-text and reference list citations for different resources you may be using, as well as tutorials.

If you are in BUAD 123, check out the citation tab of the guide to find examples of specific sources you might be using in your report.

Check out OWL for help formatting a paper in APA style. They also have an example of a paper in APA style, and more information about in-text and reference list citations.

Ask a question by chat: use AskAway to chat live with a librarian, wherever you are!

If you are formatting your reference list and don’t know how to create a hanging indent (without using the Tab key), check out this post to find out how to automatically create a hanging indent in Word.

Is it your first time writing a research report? If it is, you might still need help understanding how and when to cite, and why it’s so important. The Library has a new guide on avoiding plagiarism— check it out if you have questions.

Good luck with your papers!


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