Podcasts: Summer Listening

Podcasts, I’m sure most of us have our favourites (This American Life, 99% Invisible, Freakonomics Radio and Serial are some of mine), but did you know that there are lots of amazing business related podcasts that are not super heavy in industry talk and can give you some great information to stay current on trends and developments in your area of study? Plus, you can listen to them anywhere, whether you are on the beach, on your way to work, or even while you are at the gym. The following are just a few of the many, many options available to you, absolutely free.  If you want to be kept up-to-date over the summer these are a great place to start.

Happy listening!


HBR IdeaCast

This podcast by Harvard Business Review interviews people who are the leading minds in business and management.

Twitter: @HarvardBiz


Conversion Cast

Focusing on digital marketing, this podcasts covers tons of information about optimizing conversion rates in short, 15(ish) minute episodes.

Twitter: @TimThePaige

Small Business

The Small Biz Express

Two small business owners break down various topics related to owning, running, and surviving the small business process.


Accounting Best Practices

Covers accounting best practices, financing, metrics payroll, technology, etc.


Inside PR

Aimed at listeners in business communications for public relations, social media and digital media.

Twitter: @Inside_PR


The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

From the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, every episode has a different entrepreneur who speaks about their organization and the larger world of business.

Twitter: @ECorner


Planet Money

An NPR show that discusses a variety of topics related to the economy, in fun, easy to listen to stories.

Twitter: @planetmoney

Human Resources

HR Happy Hour

Looking at HR management, leadership, and workshop technology.

Twitter: @HRHappyHour

Hospitality and Tourism

Profitable Hospitality Podcast

Information on hospitality trends related to restaurants, hotels, cafes, and bars.


Not enough options? Here are the sites I looked at to create this list, which have tons more options to choose from.

The Top 7 HR Podcasts

Top 40 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follower

14 Podcasts to Make You a Better Social Marketer in 2015

Top 100 Small Business Podcasts: 2014 Edition

7 Top Marketing Podcasts and the Lessons They’ve Taught Me


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