Small Business Month

October is Small Business Month here in B.C. and Small Business Week is nationwide starting Sunday October 18th through till the 24th. This is a time for entrepreneurs from all over the country get together in person and virtually to collaborate, find new business opportunities, and explore new developments in small business entrepreneurship, management, and leadership.

There are lots of events being held nationwide but you can use this interactive map to find all the ones taking place  here in B.C.

Small Business BC also has some great in person and online events that you can check out here.

If you are interested in starting your own small business, or are researching one for class, there are lots of great resources available through the Library and the web.

Online you can check out the Small Business Profile for 2015 from the government of B.C., where you can find information on how many small businesses are in the province, how many employees they have and their contribution to the provincial economy.

The Canadian Revenue Agency also has lots of resources on how to start a small business in Canada and the different types of business structures available for small businesses.

Of course the Library also has tons of great resources that you can use to research Small Business, Entrepreneurship and SME’s (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises). Here are a few books the library has that can help you get started…

SmallBusinessintheCitythe art of waryour small business






Don’t forget there are also subject and course guides on Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship and general Business Administration that are always available to you through the library.


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