‘Tis the Time of Year: APA Citations

As we are coming in to the final stretch of assignments and course work I thought I would do a quick post reminding everyone of the APA citation resources available to you at the library and elsewhere. One of the unique challenges of APA citations for business sources is that a lot of the guides available for APA citations do not touch on some of the sources that are quite specific to business such as annual reports, company profiles and industry reports.

To help with that the library has created an APA citation guide specifically for business sources which you can check out here. On this guide you will find examples of how to cite both in text, and in your reference list, a variety of different business specific sources including annual reports, company profiles, and industry reports as well as how to properly insert a table, cite personal communications like non recorded interviews, and images.

One question that comes up a lot for APA citations is how to cite an entire website.

If you are citing an entire website it is fine to give the address of the site in text and not include it in the reference list.

Example: To learn more about how to cite things in APA take a look at the APA Style Blog (http://http://www.apastyle.org/).

SFU also has a great resource for citing business sources in APA, which you can find here.

Don’t forget the library APA guide that covers how to cite many other sources such as books, journal articles, YouTube videos, blogs and more.

One last thing to point out is that the Library News blog has recently put up a great post on how to make hanging indents without using tab, which is a key part of formatting your APA citations for your reference list. Check out that post here.

Still having trouble? Don’t worry! Come see as the reference desk Monday – Friday from 9-5, contact the library, or AskAway.


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