New Infographic Guide

The Library has recently put out a new guide on infographics. You can use this guide to find out information on different tools to create infographics, design basics, types of infographics and evaluation strategies.

Infographics seem to be the medium of the moment these days. Businesses everywhere are turning to infographics to provide quick, visually stimulating information on brands, services, products and more. So why should businesses use infographics?

1. Visual appeal

Infographics grab attention. When designed well they can help cut through the information overload that people are faced with on a daily basis and ideally help target existing and new markets.

2. Shareable

Infographics are designed to be shared on a variety of platforms. Having content that is both visual and easily shareable gets your product, service or business attention.

3. Brand awareness

Infographics typically include, along with the primary message, logos, social media contacts and websites. This can greatly increase traffic and awareness.

To see some examples of infographics check out:

Here are a couple resources that the library has on infographics:

Infographics: The power of visual storytelling

The Power of Infographics




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