International Business Culture

Globalization is a reality for most businesses. Whether it is accessing customers in a new market, developing an expansion plan to grow a business, or collaborating with other businesses, there are lots of things to consider when doing business with people from different cultures.

Understanding and incorporating knowledge of different cultural practices into your interactions with other people is a key element for success in international business. Thinking about different communication styles, how to dress, and body language are just as important as understanding customer needs and marketing strategies in another culture.

There are lots of freely available resources to help you get a feel for business practices in different cultures, here are a couple of quick examples:

Centre for Intercultural Learning: Country Insights

A great resource that provides both the Canadian perspective, and one from a person born in another country, for social and cultural norms that may be faced in that country’s business environment.


Etiquette, customs and protocol guides on a number of different countries.

The library also has some great resources that can support your research into international cultural practices, communication and management:

RidingtheWaves Cultural Advantage

Cultural Differences in a Globalizing World Essential Concept of Cross Cultural Management

Please take a look at the Library guide for Multicultural Management for more resources.



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