Spotlight on Statista

This Spotlight is to shine a light on one of our newer databases, Statista.

“As one of the largest statistics portals worldwide, professionally gathers and compiles data from numerous institutes and sources”, providing “access to over 1 million statistics on 80,000 topics from 18,000 sources”

Statista offers the ability to download their charts in the most widely used formats: PowerPoint, Excel, PNG or PDF. Which means that you can download a chart in PPTX and then modify the contents, or download an image to easily insert into a presentation.

Statista also puts out daily infographics if you are looking for a quick visual to create a discussion point to add to your slides. For example this is today’s (Sept. 25, 2019) infographic:

impeachment process infographic

I like Statista for quick keyword searches for stats, but beyond those, Statista offers more detailed compilations of stats in different formats:


Dossiers are “compilations of the most important statistics and forecasts regarding one specific topic”. Dossiers include compiled statistics on companies, industries and topics, for example find Dossiers about TD Bank, Wine Market in Canada, Hospitals in Canada, and much more.


From Statista: “For various industries, our toplists rank the respective top 100 private and listed companies by revenue. Along with total revenue they – in the form of an Excel table – also provide information about the number of employees, annual net profit and loss, and market capitalization in a 3-year time series. Furthermore, they – in addition to other essential industry KPIs – also include each company’s contact details.” For example, check out Top 500 Companies – Telecommunications

Country Reports

“The Statista Country Reports feature statistics, forecasts, survey results, and analyses in a form that is easy to understand and adopt. They allow regional comparisons than can be used for market research, risk assessment or for the strategy development, planning, and execution of business operations.” Check out Canada and China

Outlook reports

“Our analysts and experts create reports on the individual topics, which include the most important key figures ready for direct use. Our reports provide an overview of trends, insights and important players as well as global market comparisons of the key regions of the USA, China and Europe.” Check out Alcoholic Drinks report and the Smart Home Report

Whether you trying to grab a quick statistic to back up some research, or trying to access more detailed information on a topic, Statista is a great one-stop-shop for statistics.



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