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New e-book collection

September is just around the corner, and to start the term we have a new e-book collection at the library. The Business Expert Press collection comprises 50 practical e-books on subjects such as Accounting, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management, Human Resources Management & Organizational Behaviour, International Business, Marketing, Management, and Supply & Operations Management.

You can find the collection here: Business Expert Press E-book Collection

Download e-books such as: China: Doing Business in the Middle Kingdom, Essential Concepts : Building of Cross-Cultural Management, Communication Strategies for Today’s Managerial Leader, and Consumer Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Globalization.

IMPORTANT INFO ON DOWNLOADING: To download whole e-books– click on the title you wish to select > click on the InfoTools button above the title page > scroll to “Business Expert Press Options” and then “download this title”.

Front Cover

Business Expert Press trial extended

Our trial for the Business Expert Press e-book collection has been extended until March 31st! This collection of e-books covers business subjects such as marketing, strategy, leadership, international business, and managerial economics, to name a few. BEP publishes concise e-books written by business professors specifically with busy business students in mind.

Access BEP here, and follow the instructions below to download complete e-books in PDF:

  1. Click on the blue ‘View your institution’s BEP e-books‘ button
  2. Search for titles, or browse by subject; when you find a book you like, click on the book’s title [don’t click on the ‘download’ or ‘e-brary reader’ buttons– they won’t allow you to download the entire book]
  3. After you click on the title, the book will open to the cover page. Click on the ‘InfoTools’ button near the top left of the cover
  4. Scroll over Business Expert Press Option, and then click on Download this title
  5. The book should open as a separate PDF

Please have a look at a few titles– and send any feedback to Lindsay:

New Books for the (end of) Reading Week

Just in time for (the end) of mid-semester break… some new books at the Library, for your reading pleasure:

In the plex : how Google thinks, works, and shapes our lives / Steven Levy

“Steven Levy’s new account [of Google], In the Plex, is the most authoritative to date and in many ways the most entertaining.”

—James Gleick, The New York Review of Books

Your brain and business : the neuroscience of great leaders / Srinivasan S. Pillay

Insanely simple : the obsession that drives Apple’s success

Digital wars : Apple, Google, Microsoft and the battle for the Internet / Charles Arthur

Ethical chic : the inside story of the companies we think we love / Fran Hawthorne

The hour between dog and wolf : risk-taking, gut feelings and the biology of boom and bust / John Coates

A successful Wall Street trader turned Cambridge neuroscientist reveals the biology of financial boom and bust, showing how risk-taking transforms our body chemistry, driving us to extremes of euphoria or stressed-out depression. — book description

Soap, sex, and cigarettes : a cultural history of American advertising / Juliann Sivulka

Locavesting: the revolution in local investing and how to profit from it / Amy Cortese

The Facebook effect : the inside story of the company that is connecting the world / David Kirkpatrick

“Kirkpatrick gives the reader a detailed understanding of how the company grew from a 2004 Harvard dorm-room project into the world’s second-most-visited site after Google.”

–Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

Passport refresh

In case you hadn’t noticed, Passport GMID underwent a “refresh” in October… the database maintains all the same functionality, with a cleaner, less cluttered look, as well as more prominent breaking news and industry updates.

Use Passport’s more user-friendly search to find in-depth market research reports on fast-moving consumer goods, industries, countries, and companies– and be sure to check out the current trial for information on Canada’s Industrial sector and a preview of the new Passport Cities, which profiles 850 cities, available for a limited period – look under Coming Soon.

Passport GMID:

New non-profit management resource

There’s a new OC Library resource available to researchers interested in the areas non-profit management and social enterprise. The Non-Profit Management subject guide can be found at The guide contains some tips for searching and suggested resources.

More business-related subject and course guides can be found here.

A new search interface for business researchers

Company, industry, product, and market information is now even more easy to find in Business Source Complete.

OC Library has transitioned Business Source Complete’s search interface to the Business Searching Interface (BSI). BSI “provides business researchers with the highly refined tools they need, in order to conduct sophisticated searches for the business content that they require.”

Now, you can more quickly identify what source types you want and can browse company and country profiles, market research reports, business videos and more with just a few clicks.

As an added feature, BSI will also search the additional collections of Hospitality & Tourism Complete, Regional Business News, and, AP NewsMonitor Collection.

Here’s a quick video on how to use BSI’s basic search.


If you prefer, you can access Business Source Complete’s native interface by clicking here and then selecting: “Click here to access the native Business Source Complete interface. ”

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

New! Online APA citation tutorial

Struggling with APA citation? What to learn more about why we should cite and how to cite in APA style?

Just view OC Library’s online APA citation tutorial. The tutorial, as well as OC Library’s APA Citation Guide and other APA resources, is posted on the Library website’s APA page.

Learn more about the tutorial here.