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Employment law research at your fingertips

An authoritative text on Canadian wrongful dismissal and employment law is now open access and online. Thanks to a partnership between CanLII and Lancaster House, the eText on Wrongful Dismissal and Employment Law (1st edition) is available free of charge.

“[The] electronic text authored by experts in the field will be fully integrated and freely available to the public on the CanLII website. This text will explain the law on hundreds of employment-related topics, and provide commentary on leading decisions of courts and labour tribunals. An easy-to-use, searchable guide, the e-text will permit the public and legal professionals alike to efficiently navigate the thousands of cases on the CanLII website that bear upon the subject of employment law and wrongful dismissal in order to uncover leading and influential decisions.” – CanLII

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New Canadian case law & legislation guide

OC Library has just published a new Canadian case law & legislation guide – perfect for business law research.

The guide highlights the importance of secondary research in the legal research process, provides advice on how to tackle fact situation assignments,  includes some Quicklaw search tips, and more.

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