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New non-profit management resource

There’s a new OC Library resource available to researchers interested in the areas non-profit management and social enterprise. The Non-Profit Management subject guide can be found at http://libguides.okanagan.bc.ca/nonprofitmanagement. The guide contains some tips for searching and suggested resources.

More business-related subject and course guides can be found here.

Community Interest Companies

B.C.’s provincial government announced yesterday (Oct. 20) that it is considering legislative changes that would allow the creation of community interest companies. The province has started a consultation process that will wrap up at the end of the year.

Community interest companies (CICs) would be incorporated with all the flexibility and certainty of regular companies, but under legislation that ensures they primarily benefit the community. CICs would allow an alternative business model not currently available through a regular business whose primary focus is making money for shareholders, or a society which is not allowed to make a profit. – Ministry of Finance press release

Here are a few articles/citations about CICs (you must be an authenticated OC Library user to view)

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