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2009 Survey of Household Spending

Statistics Canada has released data from its 2009 Survey of Household Spending, and the numbers are getting a lot of play in the news.

“Average household spending in Canada declined 0.3% to $71,120 in 2009, following the economic slowdown that began in the fall of 2008. This was the first decline since the annual Survey of Household Spending was introduced in 1997.” – The Daily, Statistics Canada

This decline is being reported by many media outlets. If you’re interested in reading more, here are a few, select links to stories:




Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy

Initial results from Statistics Canada’s new Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy are now available.

The survey was conducted by Statistics Canada in 2009 and sponsored by Industry Canada and Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. The survey, which covered manufacturing, most service industries, and other industries, was designed to address gaps in the understanding of factors that drive and impede business innovation and the adoption of technology in Canada.
It provides information on the strategic and tactical decisions of Canadian businesses, as well as their innovation and operational activities. – The Daily, StatsCan

Highlights of the survey are available from Industry Canada’s Economic Analysis and Statistics division.

Cost of environmental protection

Ever wonder how much Canadian businesses are spending to mitigate their impact on the environment? Statistics Canada has the answer: close to $9.1 billion in 2008.
Statistics Canada has just released information on environmental protection expenditures by businesses, which is part of the Survey of Environmental Protection Expenditures, a biennial survey of selected primary industries and the manufacturing sector.
A summary of the information, as well as links to the Environmental Protection Expenditures in the Business Sector, 2008 report and details on CANSIM tables can be found here.

Census debate

An OC Library guide to the 2011 Census debate is now available. Learn more about the Canadian census, the proposed changes to census data collection, and the what the proponents and opponents of the changes are saying.

Labour Force Survey

Statistics Canada has just released the latest data from the Labour Force Survey. From StatsCan: “Following strong gains in recent months, employment was little changed in July, with large full-time declines mostly offset by part-time gains. The unemployment rate edged up 0.1 percentage points to 8.0%.”