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Industry research: Hotel industry

Have you heard of “braggies”??

I came across the term in a report on global travel trends. Apparently hotel chains are rewarding guests who share their “braggies” on social media– “braggies” are usually pictures taken from a hotel window to show off the views, or pictures of the room and amenities, which are shared within minutes of checking in. Some hotel chains are rewarding “braggie” posters with room upgrades or mini-bar credits.

A riff on the selfie, braggies are being used as promotional tools for hotels. This got me thinking about what other trends are going on in the industry? Are Airbnb and other peer-to-peer accommodation sites having an effect on the industry? What about the industry in the Okanagan, or Kelowna? Here is a brief breakdown on how you might start researching the industry, with both library resources and free online resources.

As I would start any type of research, my usual thoughts go to: who would gather information on this topic, and who would publish it? You could start with a search online, but spending a few minutes thinking about and researching associations or research groups who deal directly with an industry can save you time. Instead of weeding through pages of irrelevant information, try going right to ‘those in the know’.

In terms of library resources, my thoughts go to our subscription database, Passport. Passport contains industry and company reports and statistics about consumer products such as drinks (alcoholic, soft, hot), appliances, beauty products, pet care, and also services such as finance, foodservice, and travel and tourism. I know they have trend reports on the travel industry, as well as information about the travel industry in Canada and other countries. The first thing I see when I click on the Travel and Tourism link is an article called “Millennials – A New Breed of Travelers”. Interesting– this post provides more details on the impact of millennials (those born between 1981 and 1990) on the travel industry, including information on social media and the importance of being connected (bringing us back to that “braggie” trend). I haven’t even got to the in-depth industry reports and I’ve already spied on the first page a videocast on the travel sharing economy (Airbnb, Uber) and an infographic on consumer spending increases on hotel bookings due to online booking systems. More traditional reports include Travel Accommodation in Canada, World Travel Market Trends Report (which has information on trends such as “braggies” and “poshtels”), and reports on Airbnb and various global hotel chains.

Other databases like Business Source Complete and ABI/Inform will have reports on the hotel industry written by market research firms, as well as articles in trade publications discussing trends and current events from those who work in the industry. It’s good to get views from inside and outside the industry for a more rounded look. For example in Business Sources Complete I can find reports by searching for: hotel industry, and then limiting to industry reports:

Marketline. (2014). Global Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines: Industry Profile. Retrieved from http://marketline.com

Marketline. (2014). Hotels & Motels Industry Profile: Canada. Retrieved from http://marketline.com

I would also try a search for hotel trends, or travel trends, and limit to trade publications and magazines, to see what those in the industry are talking about, on a global or local scale.

So those are a few examples of what library databases can help find… what about free resources online?

I would check out industry associations for more information, as they are likely to distribute information for their members, and often have reports available on their websites. For example, the BC Hotel Association has some statistics on international visitors to BC, as well as links to recent news on the industry (I see an article on “Li-Fi”, smart coffee makers, and other new tech trends in the industry), and their own online magazine with trends affecting BC hotels (with articles like: “Targeting Business Travellers”).

Other industry associations:

Hotel Association of Canada

American Hotel and Lodging Association

Destination BC (great reports on tourism in BC by region, market, activity, and travel motivations)


And check out the library research guide for Tourism, which has more information on finding stats and resources related to travel and tourism. The Data & Statistics tab has links to various BC and Canadian Government sources for finding information on tourism, such as room revenue statistics for BC and tourism indicators.

Now I want to go check into a poshtel, connect to the Li-Fi, and post a braggie…

New CSR and Tourism research

There are some new research publications now available from the Conference Board of Canada in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility and Tourism.

Access, view, and download these reports (just search the title) and others from the Conference Board of Canada’s e-Library, accessible through Okanagan College Library.

What Board Members Should Know About Communicating CSR

This report discusses what to communicate (i.e., message content) and where (i.e., message channel), as well as the major factors (internal and external to the organization) that affect the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility communication.

Travel Exclusive: Key Trends for the Travel Industry March-April 2011

Soaring oil prices will likely raise the cost of travel, and they may play a big role in future demand should they continue to climb.

Canada’s Accommodation Industry: Winter 2011
Tourism Demand: Foreign and domestic tourism demand have improved in the last year, despite the hike in the value of the Canadian dollar. Foreign demand, however, remains well below where it was a decade ago.

– Report summaries provided by the Conference Board of Canada

New ebook collection

OC Library’s subscription to ScienceDirect now includes Business, Management and Accounting ebooks, in addition to journals.

Topic areas include:

  • Accounting
  • Business and International Management
  • Business, Management and Accounting (General)
  • Management Information Systems
  • Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • Strategy and Management
  • Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management

To SEARCH, find, and access these titles:

1) select Advanced Search
2) enter keywords (example tourism AND environment)
3) select sources as desired (books or journals)
4) Limit to subscribed content only by using drop down ‘sources’ menu
5) limit Subject to Business, Management and Accounting

To BROWSE, find, and access these titles:

1) from database homepage select Business, Management and Accounting (under Social Sciences and Humanities)
2) select Journals/Books by subject
3) select + beside Business, Management and Accounting
4) select topic area
5) limit sources as desired on left hand side

NOTE: Green icons next to results indicates subscribed content, grey icon indicates content NOT subscribed to.

Conference Board of Canada: Tourism research

The Conference Board of Canada has recently released some new publications, including one that may be of interest to tourism and hospitality students and faculty.

Travel Exclusive: Key Trends for the Travel Industry September-October 2010 is a “bi-monthly publication from the Canadian Tourism Research Institute [that] features articles that outline key trends for the travel industry.” Highlights include:

  • Of the organizations polled, the majority (60 per cent) expect their corporate travel expenditures to increase next year.
  • Airfares to the United States are expected to climb 2.3 per cent.
  • Sixteen per cent of Canadians polled were still unsure about their vacation plans for this winter.
  • Only 6 per cent of domestic travellers said they intended to use a travel agent. – Conference Board of Canada

To access this report and others, visit the Conference Board of Canada’s e-Library via the OC Library.

Kelowna airport statistics

Interested in learning about the flight activity at Kelowna airport? Statistics Canada has just released aircraft movement statistics at major airports. This release from The Daily provides information on the CANSIM tables as well as a link to the September 2010 issue of Aircraft Movement Statistics: NAV CANADA Towers and Flight Service Stations.

New tourism indicators

Attention hospitality and tourism students and researchers: Stats Canada has just released new tourism numbers:

“Tourism spending has recovered from its year-long decline that began in the third quarter of 2008.” – Statistics Canada

(Note the CANSIM table numbers at the bottom of the release.)